Maggie Roberts’s story

Published in The Olympian, October 21, 2012

(Maggie Roberts and her husband, Dave Siemens, told their story to our campaign staff months ago. We thought it was so perfectly emblematic of PSE’s poor service to our county, that we featured their story on our mailer that just went out to some 50,000 county residents. This is their letter to the editor.)

Vote for Prop 1, reduce power outages


A proven strategy, used to defeat statewide initiatives and referendums: Create chaos and doubt, then conquer. If doubts are planted in voters’ heads, they will vote no, even if those doubts are false and have no basis in fact.

Dave Siemens and Maggie Roberts, and granddaughter Claire.

My power has been out seven times since the storm last January. Sixteen years ago when I moved into my home, the power was out 17 times. Most years I average eight to 12 outages. In the same geographical area of the county and down the road a bit, my neighbors have just a few outages a year. They are served by a public utility district.

I worked for years in Mason County – and was served by another public utility district – I had two outages during work hours in 15 years. I can’t help but think that if the profits gained by Puget Sound Energy were used to fix the infrastructure in my area of the county, that have clearly been a problem for years – perhaps I would not be so consistently without power.

Please do not be afraid of change. Just look at the service records of the other PUDs in our state (look at the rates too while your at it). Proposition 1 allows (not requires) us to acquire and create a PUD for Thurston County.

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