Campaign Resources

These are a collection of materials for use by campaign volunteers and supporters. Feel free to check them out, reprint them, and pass them on to all your friends and neighbors.

If you want to get involved with the campaign directly, please email, and we’ll gladly get you started.

Short Pieces

* The campaign’s handbill, our primary campaign tool. This is what our canvassers are placing in people’s hands, or leaving at their doors, all over Thurston County. Now you can join in the fun! (Best if printed on cardstock – 3 to a sheet.)

* Our Fact Sheet mini-brochure. Print it front and back, fold in half and voila!, you have a 4-page mini-brochure. This is the same text as our Fact Sheet webpage.

(We’ve also re-formatted the Fact Sheet as a 2-page flyer, if you like that format better.)

* A handy Rate Chart, comparing PSE’s high prices with the much more reasonable rates of public utilities around the state.

* A handy Talking Points document. This will help you hone your rap. Yes, it’s good to have in-depth knowledge to share, but sometimes you only get 30 seconds to make your point. We call it the “elevator speech.”

* Our mailer is now online. It’s a 6″x9″ 2-sided piece. It may not be the handiest item to use in the field, but who knows? We think it’s awfully pretty, anyhow….

* “We Support Public Power!” — It’s a powerful message! Why not put it in your window! Why not find supportive, forward-thinking merchants who’ll put it in their window? I know, great idea, right? OK! We’ve got three variations on an 11×17 “We Support” poster:

This is the full-color logo version.
This is the blue logo on yellow version.
And this is the blue logo on white version, for printing on yellow paper.

Longer Pieces

These can all be found on our Resources page.


We just received this email from Glen Anderson, Lacey canvasser, and noted local peace activist:

Just now I returned home from a few hours doorbelling the rest of my precinct. I found a big change from the evening when I had doorbelled the first part of my precinct. At that time people were not very aware of Proposition 1 and they were open to hearing my pitch and willing to go along with voting YES. Today more people said they were confused and did not know what to do. After I responded to their concerns I was able to move most of them to vote YES.

Clearly, PSE’s massively expensive propaganda campaign has succeeded in confusing and misinforming many voters. We can counteract that by warmly and empathically interacting with voters. The lesson from today’s doorbelling is that listening to voters and responding to their concerns are absolutely crucial in convincing them to vote YES. The literature handouts alone are not sufficient because they do not focus on their confusion and PSE’s disinformation campaign. I enjoyed warm and human conversations with people who were gardening, etc., and established trust with them. They do not trust PSE, but they do trust a real, live human volunteer who takes the time to talk with them.

Also, when I sensed that a voter really “gets it,” I urged him or her to talk about this with friends and other people. Let’s encourage the people who really “get it” to build the grassroots movement by helping friends and other people to recognize PSE’s deceptions and understand the truth.

This is really about democracy!